The Miracle Called Cayenne Pepper

I am sure everybody has stumbled across this beautiful spice sometime or the other. Some of us use it much more than the others and some of us have been very scared to try the pungent heat of this fruit for a long time.

Don’t be shy, just take a look at the miracles that Cayenne pepper can work for you.If you are not at all used to this spice, start with moderation and increase intake as you go. Cayenne pepper, scientifically called as capsicum is also known as cow-horn pepper and is related to bell peppers, jalapeños and paprika.

Cayenne pepper is grown in tropical regions with temperate climates. It is used in powder form in cooking, as flakes for sprinkling on food and extracts are used to make supplements.

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Cayenne pepper is a natural metabolism booster and is therefore used as a weight-loss supplement. Shed those extra calories everyday by drinking a warm glass of lemon water mixed with cayenne pepper.

It improves sluggish circulation by dilating the veins and increasing oxygen supply to the heart. This action of this pepper helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels.

Dr. John Christopher, a natural herbalist recommends drinking a warm glass of the lemon cayenne water mentioned above, every day. He suggests that one shouldn’t slowly sip it or drink small amounts every now and then, but instead chug it all at once for best results.

Start by adding small amounts of the pepper to gets lowly used to the heat of the fruit.

It is also a rubefacient, meaning, a natural detoxification agent. Cayenne pepper is used along with several raw fruits and vegetables for short periods of cleansing. During this detox period, grains, tubers, sugar, processed foods and dairy is strictly restricted.

I add cayenne pepper to my homemade pain relief balm… (Ask me for the recipe) The capsaicin in the pepper is used in a lot of pain relievers in the natural drugstore. It has an immediate effect on joint pains, arthritic pain and muscle cramps.
Sprinkling it on a soup or stew helps unclog a stuffy nose. The decongestant nature of cayenne pepper liberates mucus from the respiratory paths and ensures better sleep when you have a cold.
This miracle fruit is also rich in antioxidant flavonoids like lutein, xanthin and carotene. The antioxidants protects the body from free radical damage and keeps cells healthy, fighting diseases like tumours and cancers.

Need 5 ways to start using cayenne pepper?

Here you go!

Blend some beets, carrots, apples, lemon and cayenne pepper into a smoothie and enjoy while you detox.

Add it to flavour eggs or vegetables along with a pinch of salt.

Spice up your salad by adding a quarter tsp of cayenne pepper into the dressing.

Use it in an Indian curry powder to enhance the taste of meat, beans, lentils and vegetable dishes.

Add some salt, yoghurt and cumin powder to a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and mix it well to dip raw vegetables.

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