How to get started on keto diet

Have you wondered how to jump in to keto right after you had a big carb laden dinner the previous night? Or have you been on lazy keto for quite some time and just hit a plateau? An egg fast is a perfect thing you need, to help the transition into ketosis again.

Here is All you need to know about egg fasting

An egg fast is normally a three day process. When you’re eating only eggs and some fats with it, you replace the carbohydrates in your diet with food that has absolutely no carbohydrates and thus kick start your metabolism, urging your body to start using your body’s fat storage for fuel and stop looking for carbohydrates. 

During this time you will notice that your blood sugar levels are being lowered and your blood pressure is normalizing.  You will observe and enjoy increased energy throughout the day and you will also start sleeping better.

Eggs are nutrient dense, they have sufficient protein and fat and they are delicious… Who doesn’t love eggs? 

During these three days you will eat nothing but eggs. Let me repeat, the only solid things you will eat are eggs. You can eat them in any form, poached, baked, scrambled, fried or boiled, but not in an omelette. Salt and pepper and sprinkled herbs are ok but no add other ingredients and eat nothing else along with these eggs. You can eat up to 10 eggs per day divided in anyway into three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here are some tips to make egg fast interesting and a few bits on what you can expect from observing an egg fast.

One very necessary thing to observe is with every egg meal, you need to intake some form of fat. A spoonful of MCT oil Or olive oil, eggs cooked in bacon lard, bullet proof coffee, clean almond butter or some examples of fats you should be adding to your egg meal. Beverages allowed are water, bone broth, unsweetened vegetable juice, clear vegetable broth, herbal teas, coffee or tea with heavy cream and absolutely no sugar. You can add small amounts of Monk fruit sweetener or erythritol or Stevia. Please stay away from soft drinks and fruit juices.

I like to keep my breakfast large and lunch and dinner smaller. So most of my meal plans would look like a big breakfast/brunch and a smaller dinner.

Mild constipation, diarrhea and headaches are possible while on egg fast. Remember, your body is just becoming used to the new changes. Persevere and you come out a winner. Give up and you lose.

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Here’s what a day on egg fast looks like… Day One – Breakfast

Four boiled eggs cut into quarters sprinkled with salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil.

One bullet proof coffee

One bone broth blended with heavy cream and spinach.

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Three eggs scrambled with butter, sprinkle lemon pepper and nutritional yeast, drizzle melted ghee or olive oil.

A tall cup of bone broth, perhaps even 2 cups.

Plenty of water and some herbal tea before dinner


Three eggs fried in bacon lard, sprinkle onion powder and herbs of your choice. Smoothie made with heavy cream, MCT oil, spinach and a handful of blueberries.

A sleep time herbal tea and plenty of water during the day

The above example has served me and quite a few people that I have helped. Feel free to zigzag things around and create your own style.

As long as you’re having absolutely no carbs and add no other solid ingredient your meals, you can look forward to a successful egg fast. Now, all you need is some strong will power, some creativity and a clear vision for the next four weeks.

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