On Inner Voices and Accountability Partners

[arm_restrict_content plan=”any_plan,” type=”show”] [armelse] [/arm_restrict_content]This is more of a rant than a regular blog post. Post cancer, that warm feeling of well being has been very eluding. It seems like I’ll need to do four times as much as I used to, to get physical results of any kind. The last time I observed a keto lifestyle for only 10 weeks, I felt very good in my body within a week of being in it. It felt good to be in it and within ten days I was adapted and hunger pangs were gone for good, cravings had become a thing of the past. It’s not being as easy at this point and every time I give in, I feel like a failure.

I feel like a victim of hunger pangs, shaky legs and I feel the need to eat something non keto to stop this perpetual feeling of being so very weak! And I self-sabotage. I go back to recollecting words that had been said to me when I was a mere girl. You can’t do it. Watch someone else do it, because they are good at it and they will be successful.

Self – sabotaging, misconceptions are the incapacitating ideas we have regarding ourselves or just how we view our connections with our friends, family and the universe. Sometimes they could get so deeply embedded that they can cause depression, stress and anxiety, and other problems.

In general, your thoughts affect whatever you do. Actually, every choice you make starts with a sort of an embedded thought because everything you believe, is a collection of every little thing you know to be real.

Often what you think is in fact based on earlier memories. What happens when this takes over in your mind? Do you have a way of quickly altering this thought? How can we take our faulty belief system and thoroughly scrutinize it

Our Embedded Beliefs Affect Whatever We Do

When a thought about limiting beliefs hits you in the middle of nowhere, telling you that you cannot do or accomplish what you just set out to achieve, stop this thought right there. Ask your self. Is it just a thought that has been put in your mind that this kind of goal is not meant for you to achieve? That you cannot accomplish big things in life because you have failed several times in the past

Or is it just hard to achieve this? If at this point it genuinely seems hard to go accomplish the goal, ask yourself other questions. Tougher and analytical questions. What are the obstacles? How can they be overcome? Where and who should I get help from? What kind of help or support will I need? How should I set my goal and what steps should I take to bag success?

Keep telling yourself “What people say doesn’t matter. What you believe is true”. What you tell your mind to be true ultimately becomes your beliefs. Bad or excellent, your subconscious mind has a complete picture of exactly how you see the universe and just how you analyze certain points that happened to you in your life. In truth, you’re the one that’s holding on your own back from living a satisfying life overflowing with experiences and lots of joy.

The last few months I’ve been telling myself to look for a support group and accountability partners. I found some, although they seem to be busy in their own world than be accountable and support me always.

Although initially I was disappointed, I feel great now. I have realized that I am my main person in my support group and the first person I need to be accountable to is the person staring back at me in my mirror. Yes, I’m trying to embed that belief!

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